Monday, April 6, 2015

Finished Garb Photos

A while ago I mentioned that I finished Jack's black t-tunic and recently, that I finished his Akron surcoat. I did however fail to post pictures, and I've had a tough time remember to get photos at practice, so I finally just hung them up and took photos to add to my finishes gallery.

One of these days I'll get photos at practice, so you can get a better idea of how they actually look. Realistically, it will probably be at Ragnarok. 

I've got some advice for you all - when you get sick, don't overdo it. I've had a cold since last Thursday and it was relatively mild until I did too much (cleaned the whole house, went to a baby shower, had friends over) all in the space of 24 hours and boy am I regretting it. Seriously, give yourself time to rest before the cold gets bad and hopefully it will never get bad.

I took it easy yesterday and plan to camp out in front of the TV or computer tonight, so I'm taking my own advice even if its a day or so too late. 

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