Saturday, March 14, 2015

What I've Been Up to Recently

I hurt my wrist this morning so you will have to forgive the lousy photos. I couldn't take my Qsnaps off my cross stitch project and if I did I would never get them back on.

Before you ask, I hurt my wrist and thumb lifting three pounds of meat the wrong way. Don't ask what the wrong way is because I have no idea why, but something got torqued and now I'm back in my wrist brace. I hope this goes away as the day progresses, because I'm supposed to be spending it helping people make surcoats and I will need both hands.

Okay so quickly, while I drink my morning coffee...

I spent several hours last night making working copies of the surcoat pattern in three sizes. It doesn't look like much but here they are.

This is where my Quilter's Mixology Quilt currently stands:

Its very bright and different from my usual, so I'm hoping I will like it in the end. I usually ground bright colors with a solid or neutral, so we'll just have to roll the dice and hope this works out.

I had a ton of scraps from the drunkard's path blocks and didn't want to throw them away, so I'm playing with the idea of a raw edge applique quilt, something like this:

They would make approximately 14 inch blocks but I'm now sure how many I can get out of my scraps.

Here is Butterfly Profusion. The second yellow butterfly is finished, the orange and pink one just needs backstitching, and I have officially started the last two butterflies. The end is in sight!

And lastly, I picked up a couple of charm packs to make a couple baby quilts for a close friend who is having twins (one boy and one girl). They are Artisan Batiks Prisma Dyes Sparkling Water and Plum Perfect Charm packs.

If my wrist gets back to normal quickly, I sense a couple of twister quilts in the making, or possibly another Sophie's Car Seat Quilt like the one I made for Dan's cousin's baby.

In the meantime, I'd better go attempt a quick mock up of the surcoat I'm having everyone make today.


  1. What a colourful post! I love your selections for the twins' quilts. Hope your wrist is better soon xx

  2. Oh, ouch! I hope your wrist stops hurting soon.

  3. Oh sorry to hear you hurt your wrist. I do hope you are on the mend. Love all your wit work and your stitching on butterfly is just beautiful.