Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm trying something new this week...

After reading Ravenna's Post on Slowing Down, I decided to take her advice. For me, slowing down means taking my time with what I do, letting go of the pressure to "get something done" and choosing projects that I want to play with instead of those that I feel I have to work on.

Thus, the last two evenings were spent on my Affairs of the Heart Quilt. Two more blocks with the satin stitching completed and I am very happy with the way they are turning out. They still need the hand embroidery, but that will happen on a TV night sometime soon.

Part of slowing down also means taking the time to cook healthier food, and because I've let go of the demand to GET SOMETHING DONE, I now have time to enjoy cooking. I'm happy to say that I cooked at home three times this week (I know that doesn't sound like much but there are still two evenings left this week!) and I managed to integrate fresh veggies and fruit into each meal. And, not every meal involved pasta of some sort (I dearly love my pasta.) One night we ate steak, broccoli, and pears with raspberries and tonight we had chicken salads with a side of pineapple and strawberries. This is definitely a step up for us and I hope I can keep it up in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow its back to the grind as I am planning on tackling Jack's Akron Surcoat, which he would like to wear on Saturday to the Eryndor event.

Now whether or not I can keep up my new plan to relax more is another story but we'll have to see how things play out in the weeks approaching Ragnarok.

Some of the seeds that Astrid helped me plant last Saturday are already sprouting and my zucchini plants are growing so fast that I'm not sure I'll be able to get them in the ground in time. I still have five weeks before the danger of frost is past.

Currently, the zucchini, cherry tomatoes, basil, sage, and marigolds have all happily sprouted. I am a little anxious for warmer weather, so I can set up my raised bed garden. It won't be happening this weekend because temps will be hovering around freezing but I'm hopeful for next weekend. 


  1. Yes! I think you hit the nail on the head with the play with vs work on comment. I'm really feeling that with the garb projects I have lined up for the next couple of months. I feel like I have to do them...not necessarily that I want to do them. I also think that's why I get way more enjoyment in trying new recipes than in just cooking daily meals.

    I suppose I should follow your lead at making healthy meals with that time in the kitchen. Lately we've been making desserts! :)

    The blocks are looking amazing. You really have a talent for it.

    1. Desserts are good too!!!! A coworker just gave me a recipe for the apple strudel cheesecake that his mom sent in for us. It's fabulous.

  2. Nice blocks! And isn't it fun watching seedlings come to life! My dad had a knack for growing from seed and when I tried it, they started out good and always ended up getting yellow. So I guess that means I don't have a green thumb!

  3. beautiful blocks