Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Turtle Trot Update

The Turtle Trot is a year long linky party hosted by Claudette@BAP Attack.

To participate, you pick ten projects for the year and stitch on them, posting updates on the tenth of each month. Since I work on at least that many per year, I thought it would be fun to participate and see what everyone else has going on.  The goal is to work slow and steady, enjoy the process, and not feel pressured for a finish. I'm also going to add my own personal twist to this story by including my long-term quilt projects for 2015, so I'll be upping my number to twelve to accommodate the two quilts.


1. A Light in the Dark by Matt Stewart (HAED) - New Start - about 1500 stitches done.

2. World Travel Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (HAED) - New Start - about 20 stitches done

3. Penguin Family - Finished on 01/31/2015

4. The Castle by Teresa Wentzler A little bit further along! The blended colors are killing me though.

5. Affairs of the Heart Quilt by Aie Rossman (New Start) - Completed two blocks, third and fourth in progress.

This is the most recent finished block, See my tab at the top of the page for all finished blocks.

6. Jack's Medieval Medallion Quilt by Me! (New Start) - Not yet started

7. Butterfly Profusion by Dimensions - Lots of Progress! 

On 01/01/2015
On 03/10/2015

8. Hope Returns by Matt Stewart - No Progress to date

9. The Mighty Samurai by DimensionsNo Progress to date

10. Fall Fairy by DimensionsGood Progress
On 01/01/2015

11. Magnificent Wizard by Dimensions - Good Progress

On 01/01/2015

12. Maggie the Messmaker by Dimensions - A little progress! 

On 01/01/2015

13. Library Kittens - "Curiosity" by Janlynn - Replacing Penguin Family, New Start. The orange kitten is starting to make an appearance :)

On 3/10/15


  1. Wonderful progress on all of them Kaelyn.


  2. beautiful progress on your projects

  3. They're all looking wonderful!

  4. They're all looking wonderful!

  5. Great progress! I love those Dimensions kits, they're so colourful.