Monday, March 30, 2015

Battle Tested, Akron Approved

This past weekend was the Eryndor season opener. Jack couldn't convince me to attend (26 degrees F? Nope. I'll stay nice and warm inside, wrapped in my fluffy red bath robe and fuzzy socks, thank you) but he, Loken, and Ygritte did make it down to Toledo for the day.

Jack was sporting his brand new Akronian uniform surcoat that I spent Friday evening making. It actually survived pretty darn well./

It took me the entirety of Friday to do, but Jack did bribe me with a Starbucks, some baklava, Italian from my favorite restaurant for dinner, and even stopped at FedEx to acquire my HAED material packs so that I would have time to finish the surcoat. Hopefully at next practice I will be able to get a full shot so as to display my master craftsmanship.

I still have four more to make (including one for myself) and six more to embroider. I confess to being more than a little tired of working on these - they're very much the same thing over and over again. By the time I'm done we'll have about a dozen or so members in uniform and I will cajole everyone into a group photo. And then I will probably refuse to make any more for a very long time. I need a little variety!

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