Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We're back!

We survived the End of the World again! And now we are safely at home, back to Mundania. How boring.

I managed to finish Jack's Heralding surcoat immediately before leaving. Check out this awesome photo by Padaemonium Pictures, posted with permission.

You can also see Jack is borrowing my favorite Ragnarok accessory - no, not the duct-taped pool noodle. I mean my water bottle keeper. It was given to me by Manda a few years ago and has traveled with me to Ragnarok ever since. I made Jack a hand stitched one while we were at Ragnarok but it needs to be redone for durability and to make it a little more convenient to use. It is just a touch too small for a bottle of water (although you can get one squeezed in) and I didn't have any hardware to make the straps adjustable.

My project at Ragnarok was yet another cross stitch pattern. I took "Fall Fairy" by Dimensions Gold with me.

I've had this kit for a few months and took it along because of the bright colors and light colored Aida cloth. That combination made it very easy to work on while camping. I have made a decent amount of progress! The photos don't really do it justice, the colors are much brighter and richer than they appear to be.

Another friend also brought a cross-stitch project to work on. What was interesting to me is how we do them so differently. She likes to completely stitch one color and then move to the next. I always want to finish a section before I start the next.

Mr. Samurai is living on my desk in my sewing room and making progress in the evenings.

I've decided to turn my frog project into a tote bag. It shouldn't take too long, so stay tuned. If I can get some of the camping stuff put away, I may get a chance to quilt a little bit this weekend.

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  1. Oh my gosh! what a riot! I had to go look up what Dagorhir Ragnorak was.... you all must have a blast doing this! I can see my son someday getting involved.
    Fall Fairy is Exquisite! Wow I am impressed! And Mr. Samurai is coming along nicely too.