Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scroll Frame Cover Update

At the suggestions of Kathy and Ravenna, I updated one of my new scroll frame covers. It now boasts a new pocket. This cross stitch project is small enough that the pocket can hold all the floss, the pattern, and a small pair of scissors.

I was also unhappy with the way the front of the cover looked and updated that as well.



And I'm sure some people are wondering what project this is. It is my Penguin Family. A long term cross stitch project that has spent many many months years in a drawer waiting to be completed. I would say that it is about half done right now. There is a little baby penguin that will go at the bottom of the picture.

My at-work project (Maggie the Messmaker) is also coming along nicely.

One month ago when I took the project to work with me:

As of yesterday:

I have plans to make medieval-looking insulated water bottle carriers for Jack and I to carry on the field of battle. I looked up a couple of tutorials yesterday and the process seems relatively straight-forward. I think that those are going to be my project for Project 144. I picked up half a yard of Insulbright yesteday and I've never worked with it before.

Yesterday we spent some time cleaning up the basement. We were supposed to work in the garage but it was 8 pm by the time we were ready and neither of use felt like going outside. This is all part of my Great and Powerful Dejunking Scheme, in an effort to make things more livable and better organized so that I can actually spend LESS time cleaning up. With two people in this house who spend the majority of their free time crafting, you can imagine that it gets a little messy around here. Maggie the Messmaker has nothing on me!

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  1. The pocket looks great, and I like the update on the front flap too!