Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Friday!

We've had another busy week here. I'm looking forward to Christmas vacation (yes I know its not even August yet.) This year I should be able to get the week between Christmas and New Years off of work, cross-your-fingers, and I'm planning on Not Making Any Plans for that week. I'm actually also going on strike during the weekend between my anniversary and my birthday. There will be no social obligations fulfilled that weekend and I may not even answer my phone. 

I've spent a decent amount of time cleaning up paperwork that was piled in the office. I've reduced two and a half boxes of papers to shredded fluff and the other half of a box will be filed eventually. This eliminates the last remaining stack of credit card apps and junk mail, as well as a few pieces of mail that go back *sinister theme music here* five years ago from just after I got married. Its moved with us twice now and I'm very happy to have finally sorted and eliminated the majority of it.

This picture from demonstrates how much paper I've shredded. At least it feels that way.
My Project 144, a water bottle carrier, is on hold this month due to JoAnn fabric not selling the hardware I need. I've ordered the hardware from Amazon but it won't be here for a couple weeks. I have a couple of other Dagorhir related projects around so maybe I will try to finish one of those up quickly before the month is out.

Mr. Samurai is making great progress. This is him three weeks ago:

And this is him today:

He is actually starting to look like a real Samurai. A few details about this kit: it is stitched on 18-count aida and will be 12" wide by 18" high when complete. It is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection (The Mighty Samurai # 3881).

And Ms. Maggie the Messmaker is also coming along nicely.

Two Weeks Ago
Tomorrow, the plan is to attempt to finish quilting the baby quilt for Cousin Abby before Dagorhir practice. Binding and labeling would be an unexpected bonus.

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