Saturday, September 28, 2013

WIP Saturday

A few quick updates for some of my WIP/UFOs:

Another block finished for the stars quilt

And I managed to hoodwink my cousins into helping Jack move my desk into the basement, where I can Mechatronics to my heart's content.

You can see that I haven't gotten my stuff quite set up yet, so it promptly became storage for Jack's in-progress weapons ;-p
I have my thinking chair set up next to it and there is a small built in bookshelf to the right I can use.

Plus, I finished the binding on my purple cats quilt, inscribed a label on the back, and it will be all set after a good washing!

This one will go in my stack of finished un-dedicated quilts (its a small stack, but growing), but will probably end up getting donated to Project Linus this fall.

I also made some changes to the Stormy Path quilt. The fabric came in and is beautiful. It is washed and dried, so once I iron it, I can start. This quilt will take approximately 400 individual units and will finish at about full size, so it is my most ambitious project yet. I put the fabric swatches in EQ7, so this is a closer approximation to the finished quilt.


  1. What an awesome design, but a lot of work! With you a lot of plaesure while your are busy with this beauty!
    Love from Amsterdam.

  2. Fantastic design and block.Have a fun week!

  3. I cannot wait to see your star quilt finished. Each block is so amazing.