Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's Time for a New Challenge

Welcome to Slow Sunday Stitching, a linky party hosted by Kathy @ Kathy's Quilts. Today is the day that you slow down, get some rest, and focus on a handwork project.

I started by decluttering my project pile a bit. These are three abandoned projects that I have had no desire to get back to. The square one was a test patch for a baby blanket and I decided that the white washed out the beautiful blues and greens too much. The crocodile stitch scarf was one of my first attempts and it suffered from multiple hook sizes and a variety of other complication. It has laid abandoned for a couple of years at least. Finally, I neglected the project on the bottom because I couldn't get the scales to lay flat. They currently languish in a corner of my living room and I will give my niece the chance to adopt them before discarding - she used to like having little things like this for her stuffed animals, although I'll hazard a guess that she might be growing out of that.

Having eliminated a few WIPS that I was dreading (whew, what a relief) and freed up a few skeins of yarn, I started a new project, the Sophie's Universe Mandala.

Rounds 1-12 of Sophie's Universe
Please please please, if you take this project on, count your stitches every round. I've saved myself a ton of work by doing so, because I've been able to correct mistakes immediately. I really like that every round is different from the previous, making it less rote work and more brain power.

The other slow stitching project this weekend has been Tiger Chilling out by Dimensions. I've had this one back out for just over a week.

As of 3/26/17
I hope that you are having a nice, easygoing, peaceful, relaxing, and restful Sunday.  What slow stitching projects are you working on this weekend?


  1. Love your new crochet start Kaelyn. I had started a Sophie SAL a couple years ago. I was enjoying crocheting on it. But as it got bigger I really didn't like it anymore and ripped it out. Glad I did. Awesome progress on the tiger.


  2. It's always good to kill off a few unloved projects! I like your new crochet start and your tiger is awesome. Great progress in just a week!

  3. I love Sophie's Universe and can't wait to see yours as it grows! Mine has been in the WIP bag for a while now. :)

  4. Beautiful yarn projects! Good eye for color!

  5. It's always good to clear out the projects you know you don't love/won't finish...frees up space and energy for stuff you do love!
    I just finished watching The Jungle Book so the tiger is very fun to see!

  6. It's amazing how much those WISPs and UFOs can nag at us. Your new mandala project is lovely.

  7. Your new mandala is just gorgeous colours. The tiger will be a beauty. I admire how you can carry your threads. I'd make a real mess if I tried one is ever allowed to see my backs!

    1. It's parking and usually the threads are only carried a few stitches away to the next block of 10x10. I honestly rarely look at my backs because that part will never be displayed and thus if the front is neat, I am happy. I find also that I make fewer counting mistakes this way, which I feel makes up for any additional mess on the back. :)

  8. Love those t-shirts they are so sweet. I like the colors of the hat and scarf combo and the new project with the blue ombre yarn is so lovely. There is nothing worse then scheduling a day off for repairs and they don't show up when scheduled.