Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Amazing Shrinking Scarf

Well, its been a little hit or miss but I think I finally figured out how to keep this scarf from shrinking on me every few rows. I've learned a bit an

Now that I have a few things figured out, I think a restart is in order. I'm going to frog what I can and try to do a hdc foundation chain. The pattern is 40 hdc across: twenty rows of green, two rows of silver, three rows of green, two rows of silver, repeat.  I have 11 days to finish this. 

I did promise pictures of my Black Friday Herschnerr's Loot. I was trying to pick colors that would be good for men, because most of what I've crocheted so far are definitely feminine. These should make some nice scarves and hats. I attempted a couple of patterns but ended up frogging them. I will give them another try in the near future.

My cross stitching corner has been temporarily dismantled, possibly until Christmas break, so I ended up in my sewing room the other night and found a stack of 2.5 inch squares. I stitched them into rows of four. I'm not sure what these are going to become yet. I'll have to wait and see! There aren't really enough for a good sized quilt.

Happy crafting all. I'd be interested to hear about your holiday projects.


  1. Great projects and I love your new yarn Kaelyn.


  2. Your yarn haul looks great, great colours indeed.

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