Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Christmas Wrap-up

Greeting all. I hope you all had a nice quiet, peaceful holiday.

This past Friday I had a painting date with my favorite cousin. We painted snowmen at Painting with a Twist.

Saturday was Christmas at the in-laws. Most of my free time last week was spent scrambling to get a couple gifts finished up. The Slytherin scarf was wrapped up unfinished. After it was opened up, I took an hour or so to finish the scarf while everyone else was continuing to open their presents. I am very relieved to say that it is now complete and was well received. I don't think I've ever had so much trouble with a crochet project before.

I completed a couple crochet hook holders for the niece and mother-in-law.

For Christmas, I received a wide assortment of beautiful threads, yarns, cross stitch patterns, and associated accessories, including a *squee* YARN BALL WINDER AND YARN SWIFT! I don't have any hanks of yarn to test out the swift yet, but I've already put the ball winder to good use and now I have an excuse to find some pretty yarn in hanks. I mean, it would just be rude not to. It was a gift, after all.

Also, some original artwork courtesy of my niece!

Today is my first day to just stay home, relax, and play with some of my new toys. I couldn't resist starting a new scarf with some of the new yarn. The pattern is from my favorite how-to crochet book and is called Very Open Lace. I'm using a bulkier yarn than I think the pattern was intended for and its still coming out quite lovely. I've also discovered that I find it very easy to read crochet graph!

 My week was filling up much faster than I liked and I had to fight to preserve a few quiet days for myself and the hubs. Please remember to take some quiet time for yourself and your family this week.


  1. Your painted snowman looks great Kaelyn. Congrats on finishing the scarf. Green in my favorite color. Awesome gifts.

    Happy New Year,

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  3. What a crafty lot you are! I love your new start scarf pattern. Just beautiful. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and managed to get your quiet days.

  4. That is really pretty! The corners look perfect. I love the butterflies, reminds me of spring which can't come soon enough IMO.