Sunday, December 4, 2016

Post Thankgiving Break Report

 Hello again all and I hope you had a lovely holiday. It was crazy around here. The house was filled with most of my favorite people and aside from the minor miscommunications that happen when there are so many people around, everything went very smoothly.

I didn't get as much crafty time as I had hoped but I have no regrets. I spent Friday having date day with the husband, Saturday with my cousin practicing martial arts and watching cheesy movies, Sunday and Monday with my niece, and Wednesday studying for my written Modern Arnis test. The rest of this week was spent practicing for my first rank in Modern Arnis, which I earned yesterday at the test!

While my niece was here, I started this hat and scarf set. The scarf is just your basic V-stitch and crocheted up very quickly in one evening. It used about 425 yards.

The hat was supposed to be a ribbed beanie but the pattern did not come with a gauge and so it ended up being way too big, so I converted it to a slouchy hat and finished it off last night.

Total yarn usage was approximately 650 yards for both. I have two and a half skeins left of this purple and three and a quarter-ish of another purple, so I am combining them to make another set, trying something new with the color changes, a feature that I typically avoid in my projects.

This is a corner-to-corner, and I'm stitching two rows before switching to the next color. Rather than cut off the ends and weave them in later, I'm leaving them attached and slip stitching them to the next row as needed. Its warping the scarf slightly, so I think I need to loosen up the slip stitches a bit and I'll have to add a border all the way around to make it look pretty in the end. A ruffly border should cover up any mistakes.

You may have noticed that I didn't mention Tuesday at all - because I spent Tuesday at home, all by myself, working on The Castle by Teresa Wentzler.

Starting Point 
As of 12/4/16
I did minimal online shopping over the Holiday weekend. I ordered some yarn to restock the charity scarf/hat basket, which will be just about emptied upon completion of the newest project, and a little more yarn for a Christmas present. I will share photos of my new loot when it arrives, some of which should be waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow. I also did some Christmas shopping, leaving me with only one Christmas present to acquire. Goodness, I love not having to freak out right before Christmas.

The only other thing I acquired over the weekend was a new cross stitch pattern from Tilton Crafts.

Tauriel by Tilton Crafts
Tauriel is one of my favorite characters from the Hobbit movies.

Please let me know how your Thanksgiving weekend went! Did you indulge in the sales? Were you too full from dinner to do anything? What was your favorite part of the weekend? Did you finish your Christmas shopping?

Have a blessed day.


  1. Awesome post Kaelyn. The hat and scarf set are so pretty. Great new start and nice progress on the castle.


  2. Oh a whole day stitching...what a luxury! It definitely shows in your progress and your hat and scarf are beautiful.

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