Sunday, May 22, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

 Its Sunday again and time to slow down and relax a bit. My niece and youngest cousin spent the night last night. We had a good time watching movies, eating cookies, having a dance party, you know, girly things.

I FINALLY decided what to spend my jury duty money on. You remember, a couple months ago, I had jury duty? Well I've been hoarding the money because I couldn't decide what to pick up. This week I picked out a couple hand dyed fabrics to use with two of the kits I have. These are by Silkweaver.

I'm practically jumping up and down with excitement. Hand dyed fabric! Love! In the case of the Frog Pile kit I recruited my husband to photoshop the fabric into the white background so that I could pick one that worked. He tried a couple of them for me and I thought the soft rainbow looked best.

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I'm going to be listening to my audible book (Wizard's First Rule) and working my way across the top of the first page of Waiting by Frances (retired), charted by Tilton Crafts.

Not a lot to see here yet but I'm slowly plodding along. How are you spending your Sunday?


  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! I've been stitching too. Your new fabric is beautiful - I especially think the Tiger will look stunning on Mississippi Blue. Great choices!
    Waiting is such an intricate design too- I look forward to seeing more of it.

  2. OH my... such a complex design to stitch!
    And what a great idea to listen to an audible book while stitching!

  3. Love your new fabric and charts Kaelyn. Nice progress.