Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May's One Monthly Goal

Last month my goal was to finish my Craftsy class. I did not make this goal. I'm starting to get a little frustrated with my embroidery software. There are things that I know it should be able to do but I'm missing that one critical click or step that makes it work the way it should. I am having trouble finding the tutorials that I need, and the manual for the software simply acknowledges that the tool exists. I really need one solid weekend uninterrupted dedicated to figuring this out.

This weekend I started working on a hat to match my basketweave scarf. I only have six skeins of this yarn and wanted to make sure that I had enough yarn to do both.  This month, I should be able to finish the hat and the scarf.

One Monthly Goal is supposed to be a quilty goal setting party, but with Ragnarok coming up, I don't think I'll get a chance to do much quilting. So my goal this month will be to make the embroidered water bottle carrier for my cousin Rune.  Here is a photo of one I made last year.

After sticking to one cross stitch project for the month of April, I was ready for a change. I had ordered some fabric and threads from Jodyri Designs at the beginning of March and they didn't make it to me until the first week of April (hand dyed!) So sadly, I had to put off starting my otter cross stitch.

But no more! The pattern is Tribal Otter by KLT Charting. This, along with the hat and scarf and a plethora of Ragnarok Prep activities will keep me busy for this month.

What are your plans for May?


  1. I love the colors on your hat and scarf. You look like you are almost done with the hat! Keep up the good work.

  2. Love your hat and scarf Kaelyn. Also love your new start.


  3. Your hat and scarf are looking great! Love your new start too.

  4. Oh I just love that basket weave hat and scarf. So pretty!

  5. I looked at the cross stitch patterns you linked, and that otter is going to be amazing! Are you stitching with variegated thread, or changing colors as you go?

    My May plans - I started a Sophie's Universe blanket and that's been my main focus this week, but I also have a shawl that I'm sewing beads onto (very tedious work). :)

  6. Tribal Otter is going to be very pretty and unusual. I love the hat and scarf too.

  7. Love the idea of making custom water bottle carriers! That dragon is pretty darn cool!