Thursday, December 17, 2015

Windowpane Scarf

Oh dear Ravelry, you endless source of inspiration....

Meet the Windowpane Scarf, a free pattern available at Ravelry

I needed something to keep me busy until I pick up a few more skeins of Apple Orchard for the Dragon Scale Scarf, so I poked around on Ravelry for inspiration and whipped up this Windowpane Scarf in a few days. The yarn I used is another color from my Grandmother's Stash. I'm planning on making a matching hat, and then after that it will go in a box until I decide what to do with it.

My Ravelry library of patterns is quickly reaching critical mass. :)


  1. What a pretty scarf Kaelyn and I love the yarn color.


  2. Such a lovely make and so unique! I can see how that pattern sucked you in. Love it in the multi coloured yarn!