Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sir Jack Angelfoot & Library Kittens

Yesterday Jack took his Knight's Trial for the Order of Argon Dreth, a Dagorhir Order of Knighthood. We drove out to Pennsylvania to the Battle of Badon Hill event hosted by Rome and Wargar so that he could take his trial this year. He passed the trial with flying colors and this photo was taken afterwards.

Rrucio, Trist, Laithe, Jack, and Krovax
Laithe was Jack's Knight. Trist is another squire of Laithe's and was completely amazing during the trial, making sure that Jack stayed hydrated and helped with weapon matching, in addition to helping me keep count of the number of battles Jack fought and what type of battles. I forget the exact count but there were more than a hundred and the trial took 3-4 hours followed by a 5 hour vigil in the rain.

Rrucio and Liz drove more than seven hours to support Jack and also gave me someone to hang out with while Jack was busy. Krovax is injured but showed up anyway and insisted on fighting in the trial after being awake for more than 24 hours. These guys are good people.

I'll have more photos to show soon I hope. My phone was dead all weekend but Rrucio and Liz took hundreds of photos and I'll share them when I can.

We spent about 11 hours in the car ourselves this weekend so I was able to make some progress on Library Kittens. I had hoped to finished up the orange kitten but I didn't quite make it.


Now that were are home, the car unloaded, and I have verified that we both have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow, I think I'll spend the rest of the evening playing video games.

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