Monday, September 21, 2015

Rainbow Dresden Plate

Before we took off for Badon Hill I took this stack of fabric out of my stash and began to work with it. I actually scrambling last Thursday morning to get some solid crafty time in before we left. Jack was sleeping away the morning and I needed some peace and quiet relaxation time before another camping trip.

I cut out a bunch of 6.5 inch squares and about 180 3.5" Dresden plate fan blades. 

A little chain piecing on my sewing machine later and I had three inches of thread left on the bobbin and a pile of blades in need of pressing.

I was pretty proud of finishing all of my Dresden blades before the bobbin thread ran out - that is what we call a win :)

I decided to machine stitch the plates down rather than hand stitch. I like the little extra depth it gives the blocks.

I only got this far by the time I needed to drag Jack out of bed.

Most of these aren't stitched down yet but I'm really liking how its turning out. Yay for color!

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  1. Oh, you also used dresdens this week! How fun! I will steal this idea because I am a little obsessed with dresdens right now and I don't like the traditional way of putting it in the middle of the block! This create a wonderful effect with a very simple change in the design! Brilliant!! And I can have a scrappy background too! It's a win win situation! Thanks for inspiring!!