Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Last weekend we made a trip up to Frankenmuth and the Michigan Ren Fest, which apart from being fun and spawning a conversation about how Luke Evans would make the perfect Harry Dresden if we could convince the movie people to reboot as a series of movies instead of the TV show 

(a concept I was pretty geeked about but couldn't convey the excitement to my non-Dresden-fan friends sadly)

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. Apart from casting our favorite movie stars into the Characters from the Dresden novels, we talked A LOT about what projects we wanted to complete for Dagorhir and our garb kits, which of course brought up a slew of projects that I hadn't finished yet.

Which brings me to my first kaleidoscope quilt, one that was mostly pieced but never bordered or finished.

On Labor Day I took the time to start adding borders. 

I still need to add the striped border on three sides and another final round of black but I've made a very good start so far. Working on this quilt highlights a lot of the early mistakes I made quilting, and I am fairly certain it won't quite lay flat when it comes to quilting time. We will just muddle through, I still love this quilt and am anxious to finish.

There was also my dresden plate quilt. For you non-quilty people, it unfortunately has nothing to do with the Jim Butcher series but is instead a time honored classic quilt block.

This was my concept design:

This is where the project has led so far, 6.5" blocks with four petal fans in opposite corners.

I'm still considering thin borders between each colored square.

As far as garb projects in the future, I think I'd like to see this green dress with an added brown corset, either under bust or waist cincher. I'd also like to make a water bottle carrier that coordinates with my dress. 

Other projects that I want to get moving on are a couple bags to hold my essential oils and a t shirt that I was supposed to embroider eight months ago and never quite got around to doing. As you can tell, I have many ideas and little time to execute them.

Most of these ideas would make good fall/winter projects if my busy schedule will allow. Let us see where the rest of the year takes us, shall we?

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  1. I love the way you did the borders on your one block wonder. It looks great. And the dress is awesome!