Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time for a WIP Update.

Camp Nano: Going well at 4295 words out of my 30,000 word goal. So far there have been two days without writing and today I only wrote ~200 words on my lunch break. I'm also trying to step up my reading of urban fantasy novels. I've made it through two, one that I liked and one that I didn't. Lessons learned both ways.

Cross stitch projects: I heard back from Dimensions and they will be sending my threads out soon, meaning I *might* be able to finish Butterfly Profusion this month. In the meantime, I put The Might Samurai on my frame for those TV nights.

Not much new to see here yet, just a little bit of the trees on the left were added this week.

Quilts: Kona sunset was squared up and the border fabric ironed. I didn't cut and stitch the borders yet and here is why:

When I ordered the stonehenge fabric for Jack's quilt, I overpaid on shipping and the Etsy seller sent me that charm pack to refund the extra shipping. Pretty awesome, yes? It's full of a rainbow of colors and I know EXACTLY what quilt I'm going to make with it.

Only instead of all low volume backgrounds, I'm going to use whites, grays, and blacks, with the whites closest to the colors and fading to blacks. That means that I need to get the current quilt off of my design floor, where it had been since early May.

I blame Ragnarok for making this project long term and saying prayers of thanks for a wonderful husband who doesn't mind it when I leave a quilt on the floor for days months.

What are you working on this week? Linking up to WIP Wednesday@ Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social@Sew Fresh Quilts


  1. I think that scattered rainbow quilt is going to look spectacular! Looking forward to see it progress.

  2. Glad they're being good about sending you the extra floss, I fear running out of floss in a major way. :)

    I love the quilt idea!

    I'm working on World Travel this week, should have a new picture up on my blog tonight of the first page finish!