Friday, July 10, 2015

Embroidery Machine Play

Now that Ragnarok is over, I decided to settle in and do a few new things with the embroidery machine. The first thing I wanted to do was make myself and Maeve medic belt flags.

My first attempt looked more like a waffle fry than a red cross.

The next two were better. I like the gold, but it doesn't really specify "Medic."

Then my brain kicked into gear and I realized that I had software for this. Why on earth was I stitching out every color scheme?

Now we're talking. I haven't really decided which one to go with, but it will probably be the silver crosses or the all red and white one. I like the silver option, because it relates to our House Heraldry (which is also the reason for the Jerusalem Cross instead of the standard red cross). I also learned a few nifty things that my software does, such as aligning various elements and how to change the background to view the embroidery on different colors.

After playing around with that for a while, I felt brave enough to attempt to embroider a knit t-shirt. I rounded up my supplies, watched a couple tutorials, found a old t-shirt I didn't care about and discovered that I had purchased the wrong type of water soluble stabilizer for a topper. Oops.

But it was exactly the RIGHT type of water soluble stabilizer to experiment with free standing lace... and voila! Meet my little mini 3D patriotic butterfly, carefully stitched while I worked on one of my quilts.

This one will go into the stockpile of accents and accessories that will make it onto my crazy quilt some day. I expect that I will have several more of these to show before too long - it is just too much fun to make them!

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