Sunday, August 11, 2013

Got something done!

A couple somethings, actually.

Here are the blocks I sent to my swapper this month. He sent me two also, which was pretty cool. I will get those pictures soon, have no fear.

I was actually loathe to part with the black star block and left it on my design wall to look pretty for a while, but it has finally been packaged and stamped for shipping.

And the other thing I finished was on my Project 144 list. Here is Jack looking completely sweet in garb I made him - notably, I finished sewing his brown shirt.

He was all frowny-faced, trying to look serious, but I did catch a smile after I gave him a little grief.

And here is the label I made for the quilt for Nana, which I have decided to name Nana's Flower Garden (you quilty- people out there will get the play on words.) It just needs the binding hand stitched on the back and a good washing, to see if the permanent fabric marker is actually permanent.

My first official attempt at labeling a quilt, so I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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