Friday, August 2, 2013

Get It Done & Project 144 August Edition

Time for some updates!

Project 144 - I finished one shirt and some hand work. I still have two more shirts and some more handstitching leftover from July, so those are joining my August list.

Completed P144 for July
August Project 144 List

1. Two long sleeve shirts for myself.
2. Pants for Jack.
3. Handstitch and add buttons to Jack's brown shirt.
4. Repair the red shirt - the underarm seam tore. 

Future projects include Rag 28 survival belt flags for all attendees, a large Kingdom of Akron dragon banner for our camp, finishing Jack's ranger coat (I've been working on this on and off for at least two years), and making myself a ranger coat and some ranger garb. I want this dress:

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

My Get It Done July list was

1. Start paper pieced stars quilt - this was so much fun, I did four blocks even though I originally planned to do only two this month.

2. Quilt & bind Nana's quilt - Quilted, but not bound. Yet. Hopefully the binding won't take too long.

3. Project 144 - I already reported on how well this went. About 50% success rate, so since I doubled the stars I was planning on, I'm going to say I broke even on this one.

4. Disappearing cube trick pattern - didn't even start this. Oh well. Maybe in September, I think my August plate is full.

August Get It Done List

1. Project 144 list
2. Bind Nana's Quilt
3. Two quilt swap blocks
 4. Practice my FMQ - if my thread ever arrives!

If I have time, one of the QB members offered to do a bonus swap this month since my partner last month never responded to my messages. Isn't the quilting community great?

Last but not least, anyone remember this quilt pattern? 

It's been on my to-do list for ages. Well, I think I finally amassed enough red and blue fabric to do this.

I'm going for a controlled scrappy look. The reds are definitely red, not pink as they came out in the picture. Here they are in grayscale:

 So, a pretty decent job overall getting the tones to match. I also have several patterned whites for the quilt. This may soon move from the Inspiration Board to the WIP list.

Have a great weekend all!

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