Friday, March 29, 2013

Design Wall Happiness!

I just wanted to take a second and introduce you all to my new favorite thing ... my very own Design Wall! I've wanted one for a while, but the debate is WHERE and WHAT fabric. I finally just stuck it in the spare room that we are using for storage. I would have rather put in in my sewing room but there just isn't space. I used some fabric I had on hand (its burgandy) and I will upgrade to white felt when I find some on sale. Also, I'll be able to make it bigger then, as it is only really large enough to put a lap quilt on right now.

And now, Kaelyn's Design Wall, featuring Nana's Quilt!

Oh and... cookies!

Yes I made the recipe. They are okay, have a little bit of a muffin flavor rather than cookie flavor. I would probably just use a standard oatmeal chocolate chip recipe next time with the craisins and white chocolate chips. But hey, still cookies!

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  1. Yeah for a design wall! I have two small ones because I just don't have room for a big one. Very frustrating when working on big quilts. Sigh. I got flannel for my walls and it works fairly well. But sometimes it is easier just to pin the blocks up so they don't float to the floor.

  2. Yes, the fabric I have right now is sort of "sticky," but I'm using pins to keep the blocks up. Thanks for the comments!