Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mug Rug Madness

Mug Rugs! I've been obsessed with this concept since I found out about it but have had very little time to indulge in my new interests until today. I have designed a spiral quilt to make for a wall hanging in my craft room. However, upon raiding my stash, I discovered that I didn't have the correct fabrics in exactly the right colors and so it will have to wait until I can approach the fabric store with coupons waving in an effort to negotiate a truce between said store and my wallet.

And in the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy with these nifty little inventions: Mug Rugs. Larger than a coaster and specifically designed to hold both your coffee mug or drink glass and a snack, these miniature quilts are great for using up scraps or testing new designs, quilt blocks, techniques, and motifs. Which is how I'm using them. In short order I imagine my home will be overrun and my friends will find themselves unwilling recipients of my creative floundering.

For a great, cute little tutorial on how to construct a mug rug, check out the one at

Crazy quilt mug rug
Vertigo Mug Rug - currently graces my sewing table
All said, I think the Vertigo one looks a bit like a pot holder but I think that is because it is square. I certainly had fun building the crazy quilt rug from scraps leftover from my Christmas tree-skirt. All the embroidery was machine stitched.

Oh and before I forget, here is an image of the spiral quilt I plan to make:

I plan on doing it in shade of purple, to match my craft room. Each block contains approximately 130 pieces, so it will take me a while to complete.

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