Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cubes and Illusions I

I've been playing around more with my 3D cubes. I made the second set of triangles which you can see at the top of some of the cubes.
I have enough matching pieces to make five hexagon blocks but I'm relearning an important lesson: match the seams, not the edges of your blocks!

The jury seems to be out on "proper" pressing techniques. Use steam, don't use steam, use starch, use fabric sizing, finger press, blah blah blah. Here is what seems to be working well for me.

1. Set the iron to low steam. Set the seam by pressing lightly on the closed seam with the iron.
2. Open the seem and press lightly along the entire seam, moving the iron up from the bottom across the seam.
3. Spray lightly with starch and press again.

If the seam presses funny, fold back and reset by pressing the closed seam. Keep pressure light and don't drag the iron, as that can warp the fabric.

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