Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still in Over My Head

By Kaelyn Angelfoot

You know, like that song... "I'm in over my head, stuck in the red, something she said, it makes me think that I'm in over my head, over my head, over my head!"

Almost completed the tabard for my nephew but the bias tape I was putting on the collar is messed up. So now I have to tear it all off and get new bias tape. It is very frustrating to think you are done with a project and then have it backfire.

 So I moved on to something much less frustrating. And I made a lot of progress. I completed the piecing on my tree skirt (yes, I know, its already after Christmas.) Then I layered the sandwich and completed basic stitch in the ditch quilting along the radial spokes. I really like the way the quilting makes the tree-skirt look puffy and 3D
 Lastly, I created some bias tape from one of the fabrics in the skirt and started sewing it on! It is almost done.  
So nothing too exciting but I'm making progress. I've had a couple lazy days, but I'm enjoying them. No work until January 2!

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  1. Hi! Sorry about having to post here, I couldn't respond to your question via email since it seems you are a "no-reply" blogger. The finished square is 15.5 inches - but mine needs to be squared up so you would end up with a bit smaller of a square.