Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm in Over My Head

By Kaelyn Angelfoot

We don't have a tree skirt for our Christmas tree, so I decided to make one. I was really interested in making a spiral bargello tree skirt, but I have limited time and resources. (Christmas is tomorrow!).
Here is a picture of the tree skirt I eventually want to make. See the link below if you are interested.
 So in the meantime, I'm throwing together a quick tree skirt from material already on hand.
Its about half done with the piecing, but I will still need to quilt and bind it when the piecing is complete.Its a very small tree skirt, it will be about 30 inches across when completes. That's okay this time since our Christmas tree is relatively small and it will cover everything it needs to. When I make the Bargello skirt, I will want it to be much larger.

Tree skirt in progress

I also decided I wanted to make one of my nephews some medieval garb for Christmas. 

I need to have it done by Wednesday night because it gets on a plane on Thursday morning.  That is in addition to two other projects I would like to have done by tomorrow but that I won't mention here in case the intended recipients happen to glance at my latest article.

I also made a great dollar store find: little canvas drawers. They work great for storing fat quarters and patterns and I'm sure I'll find other uses as I continue to organize. In the meantime, I love my fabric closet!

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