Thursday, November 24, 2016

Prepping for Thanksgiving

With hosting Thanksgiving this year, Jack and I took the opportunity to fix up a few things around the house that have desperately needed attention. Thanks to my father-in-law coming over to help, the garbage disposal and the kitchen faucet have been replaced. I love my new faucet. It not only works, it is secured properly, the hose doesn't jam, and it looks much nicer. Additionally, Jack hung up the storage racks for my essential oils, which were previously scattered all over the house for various uses, and fixed the fake "wood" beam that decorates the family room ceiling.

The anniversary present that my mother-in-law made us now adorns the wall of our family room. Our house is not magazine quality with professional art installations. We choose instead to decorate our house with handmade blankets, wall quilts, and other expressions of love from those we care about.

The crafting things are all packed away as I await the arrival of my guests. I find myself ahead of the game, with an hour or two to spare. Because the house is now spotless, I'm looking forward to a weekend of crafting, relaxing, trips to the movie theater, and quality time with my niece. I will either be putting some serious time into a couple quilts I want to finish up right quick or a cross stitching marathon of The Castle by Teresa Wentzler. I will studiously be avoiding all the insanity revolving around Black Friday shopping. What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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