Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Lack of Epic Craftyness... resulting in a lower stress environment.

This week, as part of simplifying things around here (Simplifying My Life Day # ...umm... Yep.. lost count already) I completely cleaned out the spare room. It is now home to ALL ZERO JUNK, the result of another ten box donation to Purple Heart. The remaining items to be moved out belong to either my brother or our family friend who stays over occasionally. Since my parents are visiting this weekend, I'm hoping to pawn my brother's stuff off on them.

Its a lousy picture I know, but I thought all of you would appreciate the appearance of a clean floor. One room down, rest of the house to go.

I've also shredded two large trash bags worth of old bills and paperwork and whatnot. Yes, I finally got around to unpacking my new shredder. I wouldn't call it a beast, but it gets the job done and on the plus side it hasn't jammed or overheated yet. Several more trash bags to go, I'm sure.

I've already resigned myself to not getting all the things for Ragnarok done this year. That's okay, Jack and I may be attending Badon Hill or Battle of the Five Armies this year to make up for him missing Ragnarok fighting. Plenty of time to get my Garb Kit together for those events.

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