Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trouble Comes in Threes

Its been one of those weeks...

Last Thursday I'm just about to crash for the night when I hear a pipe running. I check the bathroom. Nope. Down into the furnace room I traipse and what is that I hear? The pipe going to the outdoor faucet?

So I put on my shoes and trudge outside. I have to use a shovel to dig my way to the faucet through about a foot of snow.

After checking it out, I determine that I can definitely hear water running and that the faucet is definitely not on.

More shoveling, this time around the corner to the crawlspace entry where I am rather unhappy to discover that the pipe under the crawlspace has burst.

Mind you, its about three degrees outdoors at this point.

I race inside and yell  for Jack to shut off the water.

Turn out that there was never a shutoff valve installed to the outdoor faucet, so we have to shut off the water main. To the entire house. And it is approximately 11 pm. I have to get up for work in less than seven hours.

The next day, we both left work early to get the pipe repaired. Got a shutoff valve installed.

And find that the water has seeped into the basement along the back wall.

We were very blessed in that we caught the burst pipe early, or we probably would have ended up with a completely flooded basement. We had to clean up the water and throw a few things away. We also used the opportunity to de-junk. We filled four trash bags to throw out and have a small mountain of donation items in the garage.

Then I come home today to this:

That used to be my hot water faucet in my shower. Apparently after I left for work, it wouldn't turn on and then completely busted open, spraying water all over the bathroom.

Jack took it apart and found this little gem:

That SHOULD be one piece. Jack is at Home Depot right now trying to get a replacement.

While he's working on that, I'm gazing longingly at my DP9 Train quilt top, wishing I could be working on it instead of helping him repair the plumbing and I see that one of the blocks is upside down.

That one, RIGHT THERE, right smack dab in the middle of the quilt. It couldn't be on an edge, because that would make the repair too easy. Icing on the cake. I knew there was a reason that I don't like cake.

Hopefully this weekend will be better, I have plans to spend Saturday with Astrid building robots in my newly cleaned basement and eating my weight in fruit and chocolate while the guys gather at the park to beat each other with foam swords in the below freezing snowy weather. And Monday is another Holiday (first time ever getting MLK day off of work) so three day weekend, here I come!

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