Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get It Done - March 2013

Came across this great blog called Patchwork Times hosted by Judy Laquidara, and oh wonder of wonders, she's a list maker like me! Only sometimes I forget to make the list...

Anyway, she's got a new take on the UFO/WIP goals called "Get It Done 2013". To participate, make a list of four items that you want to accomplish during the next month. At the end of each month, post about what you accomplished and make a new list. Simple, sweet, and accountable (because I know all of you will encourage me, right?)

So, I've made my list and added it to the sidebar. I'll link to updates on the list as I go. Unfortunately, I have five items, not four. We will see what happens. Judy did say to make it challenging!

Here is my "Get It Done" list for March 2013....

1. Design and start a surprise quilt. I can't give too many details here because the intended recipient may possibly, however unlikely, read this blog. I have a general idea of what I want to do for this quilt and have purchased the central themed fabric (it is in the mail and should be here Friday if the stupid blizzard doesn't slow everything down). This is the only project with a current deadline. I have about nine weeks to complete it, so it will be a priority one the fabric arrives.

2. Complete eight paper pieced blocks for Nana's Quilt.
3. Quilt and Bind my Cubes & Illusions quilt. This is just a little tiny wall hanging that was impromptu in every way but was a lot of fun to make. It shouldn't take long to just blitz through it providing my thread doesn't break every few inches like last time I quilted.

4. Quilt & Bind Kool Kats Kwilt

 5. Complete Quilt top for Fishes & Cats Quilt
And since I'm an overachiever, I'm throwing in a couple extra, just on the off chance I get time or am bored. Think about it like I'm giving myself options..

6. Refine the Fishes & Cats pattern so that its actually useful. I published a rough draft of this for my co-conspirators over at but I'd really like to polish the pattern. Good practice you know.

7. Finish Mod Mosaic Quilt Top.

8. Quilt and bind Kaleidoscope quilt

Okay well I guess that is enough for now. ;)


  1. Nana's quilt is going to be so pretty - makes me want to make one too. You have a nice list going for March. Lists really do help me to get things done. Good luck with yours!

    1. Thank-you! The paper piecing patterns for Nana's Quilt can be found in Carol Doak's book "Easy Machine Paper Piecing"

  2. What a bunch of great quilts. I especially like the cat quilts.