Monday, February 25, 2013

A Crafty-Ful Day

Well, as I had hoped I've been able to spend most of the day sewing. And it has been so much fun.

I finished all the blocks for my Mod Mosaic Quilt. There are only six but thats okay. I wanted to make a smaller quilt this time. I'm trying to decide what color to set the blocks into, my options are grey or purple. I'm leaning towards purple. I know a lot of modern quilters like to set their blocks on a grey background but somehow I just can't get into the vibe.

 The colors just seem to pop so much better on purple.

I also tackled my Cubes & Illusions quilt. This was a little tricky, figuring out how to set the blocks without having to make y-seams (which I'm horrible at). First I choose a background and layout...

 And then very carefully cut 60 degree triangles and half-hexagons, assembling block on the diagonal until they all fit together. Yay for straight seams! I thought about making the background striped and then appliqueing the blocks onto it but I really wanted the blocks to fade into the background and the stitching around the applique would have prevented the illusion.

And Voila, my finished wall hanging quilt top....

Last but not least, I selected the fabrics for Nana's Quilt.

Oh hey.. the day is only half over. I've still got six hours before I have to go to bed for work tomorrow!


  1. Your cubes and illusions block/quilt is amazing. I love how the eye is tricked over and over again. I could stare at it for hours. Really fabulous.

  2. wow, the illusions wall hanging! looks great. such patience.

  3. Wow! I love the illusions! The fabrics and design! Great job!

  4. Lots of great things going on! Love all of it! I've had the mod mosaics on my to do list, and I'm always a sucker for geeky quilts like the 3D!

  5. Thank-you everyone, I really appreciate the encouragement. :)

  6. Your cubes are fantastic - I love the illusion, and well done for avoiding Y-Seams! It took me a long time to love grey too!