Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Keep Stitching

I was finally able to locate the original pattern of the penguins that I am working on. The pattern was by Pegasus Originals and is found in a booklet with three other patterns.

My standing frame for stitching came this week! I'm so excited (I combined all my birthday money this year to buy this frame.) It is handmade to order by Artisan Home Design and took three weeks to get delivered. It was worth every penny and the long wait.  Unlike many mass produced floor stands, the Artisan Home Design stands can accommodate almost any size project and clamp to the scroll frame side bar or hoop instead of the scroll rod. I picked the Ergo model because it is collapsible and portable and compatible with recliners. I am really very happy with my stand, although I have yet to try it with a large project. Currently, my Penguins are living on the stand.

And the end of the penguins is finally in sight! That little line of brown on the right side represents the bottom of the project. I must confess here that working with only a few colors (and all of them in the brown/black family) can be gosh-darn boring at times and at other times nice because you don't have to think too hard about your stitching. I calculate about 4800 remaining stitches. Next time I plan to do a project with so much white in it, I would probably choose to stitch on ivory aida, to make the stitching easier to see.

I also finished quilting Mod Mosaic. I'm going to put the binding on before I post photos, but hopefully that will happen this weekend.

Jack has been busy this week finishing his quiver. I won't post photos yet because he should get first bragging rights but it is a beauty. More to come soon!


  1. Penguins looks great. That stand looks fantastic, what a grear investment.

  2. I used to have that penguin pattern book! Small world. Looks great :)

  3. 4,800 stitches remaining - wow Kaelyn, it sure makes me think about how many must go into the whole work! Mind boggling!