Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sit Down Sunday

I've been fighting a sore throat for about a week now, and it got really bad after all the running around I did yesterday. Jack wanted me to stay home and it turns out that I probably should have. So today I holed up on the couch and tried to get some rest.

Which meant some Olympics watching and some hand stitching. I worked on the dragon cross stitch and the binding of the Rustic HST Quilt. It was boring. I'm used to getting up and doing Stuff. I like doing Stuff. And I'm usually on my feet when I do Stuff because that is what I'm used to. But today, I had to force myself to sit as much as possible. And take lots of vitamins. Yuk.


  1. I think your hubby should go out and get you the right cheesecake :)
    Remember the Golden Girls? They always ate cheesecake for whatever was ailing them. And they always seemed to have it on hand! Hope you feel better soon.