Saturday, December 28, 2013

One Plan to Rule Them All

Yes, I've been watching Lord of the Rings. Epic movies that can happily play in the background while I craft away.

Ever have more ideas than time? That is the case around here. I took advantage of some online Black Friday sales a month or so ago and I just spent a decent amount of time deciding what to do with them.

My evil plan involves sewing only from my stash, backing fabric/thread/and specialty garb fabric excluded.

I'll be taking advantage of Barb's NewFO 2014 and also the Lovely Year of Finishes Linky to justify my creativity.

My projects for 2014, in no particular order, are

1. Two original quilt patterns that I would love to finish and get published.

2. Disappearing nine patch train quilt

3. Aiming for Accuracy Quilt

4. Black, white and red quilt

5. Halloween twister

6. Stormy Path

7. Scrappy paper pieced stars

8. Confessor's Dress

9. Akron Flag

10. Baline Flag

11. Akron surcoat

12. Blue One Block Wonder

13. Miniature quilt block (My version of a Dear Jane) Challenge Quilt. For this one I picked a bunch of blocks I liked, downsized them to 4 inches, and will be using either my moonlit blooms fabric line or my batiks.

14. Marine Corp Quilt

 15. Scrappy Patriotic Stars

16. Ranger garb for both Jack and I. He is starting to wear out his ranger coat and I still don't have a lot of garb that I like to wear.

17. Kaleidoscope Quilt

18. Mod Mosaic

19. Fishes & Cats

20. Random Quilt

It really surprises me how many I've started/planned in the last year or so.

There are more to add to the list but considering that I only managed to complete 6 quilts in 2013 and most of those were very small, comparatively speaking, I think I've got enough on my plate for now. I should have enough unstarted projects that I hopefully won't go looking for new ideas. Today will be a garb day, since my cohorts are dropping by for Dagorhir Project Day.


  1. Wow! You are one ambitious person! You do know that 2014 still only has twelve months, right? ;)

  2. Ha! Did I mention I'm also taking up robotics as a hobby, with the help of my industrious niece? Not enough time in the day!