2017 Goals

This is the running list of goals for this year, updated as needed.

1. Finish The Castle cross stitch. This is probably my oldest cross stitch project.

2. Finish my C2C afghan

3. Quilt the Rainbow Dresden Quilt
4. Quilt the Scattered Quilt
5. Finish my Confessor's dress. Yes I know you all are groaning at me. This has been on my list for probably three or four years. I can't find the photo of this one right now but I will add one when I unpack it to work on.
6. Clean and purge my sewing room. This one needs to happen sooner rather than later, or the quilting projects listed above will never get completed. 
7. New Ranger coat for Jack - He's been asking for this for a couple years now. His old one wore out completely. 

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